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Fig. 1

From: Advantages of a multi-state approach in surgical research: how intermediate events and risk factor profile affect the prognosis of a patient with locally advanced rectal cancer

Fig. 1

Graphical representation of the multi-state model. A total of 471 patients entered the model. A total of eight states are included: event-free and alive after beginning the CTx, alive after at least 6 months CTx but less than 12, event-free and alive after the completion of the 12 months CTx schema, discontinuation of CTx before 6 months without further events, discontinuation of CTx between 6 and 12 months and no further events, LR only and alive, DM only or LR and DM and alive, death. The number within each state indicates the number of patients in that state at the end of follow-up. For example at the moment of censoring 0 patients were in state 1 and 2 and 32 in state 7. Arrows indicate the transitions from one state to another. Numbers in () next to the arrows indicate the transition number. Numbers next to the arrows indicate the number of patients experiencing each transition. For examples 276 patients move from state 2 to state 3 and 150 patients move from state 7 to state 8. LC: local recurrence. DM: distant metastasis

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