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Table 1 Assessment Measures

From: Methodological and clinical implications of a three-in-one Russian doll design for tracking health trajectories and improving health and function through innovative exercise treatments in adults with disability

Domain Selected Measures & Tests
 Anthropometrics Height, Weight, Waist Circumference, BMI, Body Composition (DXA)
 Health Biomarkers Blood Pressure, Fasting Glucose, Lipids, Insulin
Physical Function
 Strength Grip Strength, Biodex™ Closed Chain Push/Pull (upper body), Biodex™ Knee Flexion/Extension
 Balance Biodex™ Balance Limits of Stability, Timed Up and Go*, Repeated Chair Standsa
 Cardiorespiratory Function Submaximal VO2
 Gait Walking Velocity (GaitRite® Mat)a
Self-Report Measures
  PROMIS Questionnairesb
3-Item Loneliness Scale
Nutrition Self-Efficacy
Physical Exercise Self-Efficacy
Godin Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire
Lakeshore Facility Utilizationc
  1. aTests that require standing/walking are only performed with ambulatory participants
  2. bPatient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System – pain intensity, pain interference, fatigue, anxiety, depression, physical function with mobility aid, ability to participate in social role and activities, sleep disturbance
  3. cQuestionnaire developed specifically for Lakeshore Foundation