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Table 3 Hazard ratios of progression free survival and 95% credible intervals for within network comparisons based on RCT evidence only for the black network

From: The use of single armed observational data to closing the gap in otherwise disconnected evidence networks: a network meta-analysis in multiple myeloma

  1. Licenced treatments and comparisons between those are highlighted in grey. Significant differences on the 95% credible level are in bold
  2. bev bevacizumab, bor bortezomib, carf carfilzomib, cyc cyclophosphamide, dara daratumumab, dex dexamethasone, elo elozumatab, IFN interferon alpha, ixa ixazomib, len lenalidomide, ob oblimersen, pan panobinostat, peri perifosine, PLD pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, pom pomalidomide, sil silituximab, thal thalidomide, vor vorinostat