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Table 3 Model fit statistics for unidimensional models using different item sets: Results from the BASIL study (N = 1178 daily observations)

From: Harmonization of delirium severity instruments: a comparison of the DRS-R-98, MDAS, and CAM-S using item response theory

Indicator inclusion: Shared Items All Items
Delirium Instrument CFI RMSEA CFI RMSEA
DRS-R-98 0.98 0.03 0.97 0.08
MDAS 0.97 0.04 0.98 0.02
CAM-S 0.99 0.02 0.90 0.10
  1. CFI Comparative Fit Index, RMSEA Root Mean Square Error of Approximation. Rated items that were common and unique to each instrument are shown in Fig. 1. Good model fit is typically defined as CFI values greater than 0.95 and RMSEA values less than 0.05. Poor fit for all-item models signal inadequacy of the unidimensionality assumption