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Table 1 Activities and Procedures of the Pediatric Polypharmacy Transdisciplinary Team

From: A transdisciplinary team approach to scoping reviews: the case of pediatric polypharmacy

Item Purpose Activities
Weekly Meeting Training Share experiences, discuss difficult studies, refine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and review administrative issues
Appreciative Inquiry [46] To optimize collaboration and team unity Answer questionnaire about strengths and expectations
“Letter to Mum” I To appreciate scoping review as a method and improve the ability to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds about what we do Write a letter to explain in a straightforward and succinct way what a scoping review study is and why it is important
“Letter to Mum” II To learn how to conduct and report scoping study results to people of diverse backgrounds Write a letter to explain how to conduct and report a scoping study in clear and easy to understand language
Dual Review To enhance accuracy of screening and enhance cooperation Independently screen and compare results for titles, abstracts, and full text; discuss disagreements
Weekly E-mail To enhance efficiency, standardization, and clarity Communicate with team about weekly schedule, progress, and clarify ambiguity
Google Drive To share and edit files efficiently Share documents and files, collaborate on documents, and download files
Meet Team Leader To address person-specific needs and questions, and give bilateral feedback Two weekly individual meetings with team leader
Training Sessions To achieve efficiency, accuracy and standardization New member or group training at team entry and before each major study phase
SOPs Training and standardization Iteratively write and edit SOPs