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Table 2 Use of infertility medical care among respondents who ever tried to have a childa

From: Can men be trusted in population-based surveys to report couples’ medical care for infertility?

  Respondent’s gender P-Value b
Male Female
Ever used medical care for infertilityc 21% (18–23) 24% (22–26) 0.04
Used medical care for infertility within the previous 15 yearsc 16% (14–18) 17% (15–18) 0.43
Ever treated for infertilityc 12% (10–14) 13% (12–15) 0.16
  1. aAll percentages are weighted with 95% confidence intervals in brackets
  2. bP-value of the chi-square test comparing the female and male respondents’ distributions. To take into account the complex sampling design of the Fecond survey, the subpopulation option in Stata® was used for correct calculation of the standard errors of the estimates
  3. cEither the respondents and/or their partners