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Table 5 List of local Public Health and Licensing activities that data will be collected on

From: Exploring the impact of public health teams on alcohol premises licensing in England and Scotland (ExILEnS): procotol for a mixed methods natural experiment evaluation

Intervention Components (Indicators) Licensing activity/regime
a. A systematic process for review of new licensing applications & variations (known point of contact, clear criteria, use of routine data)
b. Active response to applications (liaison with responsible authorities, licensing reps, applicants; representations)
c. Development of bespoke datasets (robust/ systematised local data collection on harms etc.)
d. Engagement with licensing authorities (meetings, awareness raising, licensing policy input)
e. Activity towards development of cumulative impact/overprovision areas (submissions, representations, consultation)
f. Public health-led activity to involve the public/local communities (depth, breadth of involvement, activity of local licensing fora)
g. Public health-led engagement with licensees (‘Reducing the Strength’ schemes; advertising/ promotion bans)
h. Any other public health led activity to influence licensing/licensees.
i. Licence application levels, types, conditions
j. Licence decisions
k. Cumulative impact/overprovision policies/areas
l. Outlet density by type.
m. Late night levies
n. Health commitment in licensing policies
o. Reducing the strength scheme sign up
p. Local advertising/promotion ban
q. Health as a licensing objective (if introduced locally in England)
r. Any other relevant elements