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Table 1 Characteristics of target population subjected to data-driven segmentation (n = 216)

From: A systematic review of the clinical application of data-driven population segmentation analysis

Population selection No. of studies Examples
Without specific diseases/conditions 163 A nationally representative sample of adults aged 18 years and over in Ireland [15]
With specific diseases/conditions 53  
 Patients with psychological conditions 12 US adults who were diagnosed with lifetime post-traumatic stress disorder in wave 2 of the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions [16]
 Patients with cancer 9 Consecutive referrals with a diagnosis of non-curable cancer to the Palliative Medicine Program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation [67]
 Patients with respiratory conditions 8 Children 6–17 years of age who underwent standardized characterization in Severe Asthma Research Program [68]
 Patients with heart diseases 5 Elderly patients admitted with ischemic coronary heart disease and recruited in a clinical trial [69]
 Patients with HIV positive status 3 A random stratified sample of HIV/AIDS patients recruited in French hospital departments delivering HIV care [70]
 Patients with gastrointestinal conditions 3 Patients with intractable irritable bowel syndrome enrolled in a randomised controlled trial [71]
 Others 13  
Sample Size
  < =500 49  
 501–1000 41  
 1001-10,000 87  
 10,001–100,000 24  
  > =100,001 10  
 N.A. 5  
 Multiple countries 11  
 North America 122  
  US 109  
  Canada 13  
 Europe 60  
  UK 24  
  Other European countries 36  
 Asia 13  
 Oceanian 8  
 Africa 2  
  1. Abbreviations: HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus, AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome, US The United States of America, UK The United Kingdom, N.A. Not Available