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Table 3 Cognitive Interviews Coding Framework

From: Improving the normalization of complex interventions: part 1 - development of the NoMAD instrument for assessing implementation work based on normalization process theory (NPT)

Code Description
‘Got it’ The participant shows good understanding of the question and answers appropriately and confidently, according to their role within the intervention
Wording The participant queries a particular word or terminology within the question, e.g. unsure of meaning
Redundancy The participant either suggests that another question in the toolkit is a ‘better’ question to ask; or that they ‘like’ a particular question over another (NB this is only relevant to duplicate questions that have similar wording)
Not Enough Information The participant does not offer enough information to make a judgement on, for example, understanding or relevance of the question
Problem Of Relevance - ROLE The participant does not consider the question ‘relevant’ to their role in the intervention e.g. something that is not applicable to them
Problem of relevance - TIMING The participant does not consider the question ‘relevant’ to the timing of the intervention e.g. hasn’t happened yet
Who The participant has some trouble with ‘who’ the question is relating to e.g. themself, or others (and who the ‘others’ may be)
Multiple Interpretations - within The participant offers a response from their own perspective/experience/role as well as that of others involved in the intervention
Multiple Interpretations - across The participant offers a response which interprets the question as something different to what is being asked