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Table 2 Item retention decision-making process - Example for Coherence

From: Improving the normalization of complex interventions: part 2 - validation of the NoMAD instrument for assessing implementation work based on normalization process theory (NPT)

Sub-construct Item Strength of correlation with global items (high/mod/low) Correlation with other s-c items? Higher correlation with items in other s-c? Noteworthy correlation with other construct items? Level of option B responding? %
Differentiation1 I can distinguish the [intervention] from usual ways of working Best for ‘will become’ (0.35), v low for other items. Correlation of .70 with each other. No No 8.9
Differentiation2 I can see how the [intervention] differs from usual ways of working Similar to diff1 (0.29 highest). No No 8.1
Communal spec1 Staff in this organisation have a shared understanding of the purpose of the [intervention] Approx 0.30 across all 3. Moderate (0.59) No IndivSpec1 (0.50) 4.2
Communal spec2 Staff in this organisation have shared expectations about the likelihood of the success of the [intervention] Low. Highest is 0.26 for ‘will become’. No Activation2 (0.51). Correlations with appraisal items in RefMon (0.46–.50). 5.0
Individual spec1 I understand what tasks the [intervention] requires of me Mod (0.40–0.47) Moderate (0.67) No Internalization items (0.60 approx). CommSpec1 (0.50). Workability items (0.48&0.50). Legitimation items in CP (0.45 & 0.46) 3.3
Individual spec2 I understand how the [intervention] affects the nature of my own work Mod (0.38–0.41) No Similar as for IndSpec1. 3.1
Internalization1 I can see the potential value of the [intervention] for my work Varies across 3 items. Mod (0.48) for ‘will become’, 0.34 for ‘is normal’, 0.29 for familiarity. High (0.83) No IndSpec2, 0.61. Legit1, 0.61. Activ1, 0.65. Mod with appraisal items (RefMon), approx. 0.50–0.58 (IndApprais3). 2.3
Internalization2 I can see the worth of the [intervention] for me Similar for items 1&2 (0.31 & 0.35). Mod (0.49) for ‘will become’.   As for internalisation1 2.5