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Table 1 Defining characteristics of traditional literature reviews, scoping reviews and systematic reviews

From: Systematic review or scoping review? Guidance for authors when choosing between a systematic or scoping review approach

  Traditional Literature Reviews Scoping reviews Systematic reviews
A priori review protocol No Yes (some) Yes
PROSPERO registration of the review protocol No Noa Yes
Explicit, transparent, peer reviewed search strategy No Yes Yes
Standardized data extraction forms No Yes Yes
Mandatory Critical Appraisal (Risk of Bias Assessment) No Nob Yes
Synthesis of findings from individual studies and the generation of ‘summary’ findingsc No No Yes
  1. aCurrent situation; this may change in time. bCritical appraisal is not mandatory, however, reviewers may decide to assess and report the risk of bias in scoping reviews. cBy using statistical meta-analysis (for quantitative effectiveness, or prevalence or incidence, diagnostic accuracy, aetiology or risk, prognostic or psychometric data), or meta-synthesis (experiential or expert opinion data) or both in mixed methods reviews