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Table 2 The analytical process of the cognitive interviews

From: The patient experience with treatment and self-management (PETS) questionnaire: translation and cultural adaption of the Norwegian version

Meaning units (a sample) Sub-categories Main categories
As far as I understood all the questions, they concern the experiences that people make in connection with visits to hospitals and health care, medicine use, and their experiences at the hospital, both with humans and medication, which are very important Comprehension of item meaning Comprehension and readability
It’s a medical appointment because you’re sick, right? And to deal with your illness, as well. I think it was a very relevant word to use, and a straightforward way to write it. Comprehension of concepts  
And, where it says ‘diet’, I have basically written ‘no’ because I have never had a conversation with anyone about my diet because it has not been a problem Retrieval of answers  
[Reads out loud] Organize -make appointments - keep track of - meet for appointments…they are much the same! Survey layout and scope  
When it comes to doctors, I’ve met with different doctors each time, right? I don’t think I’ve met the same doctor twice, and when it comes to other personnel, it’s really the same (…) I think it’s very difficult, really… when you see a different physician every time you go in Relevant to the patient groups Relevance of the PETS
I do not know about others, but I think in this country, it [the health care system] is amazing! We really don’t pay anything, or at least I don’t. I pay the deductible of 2000 [Norwegian kroner]-and-something a year, afterwards everything is free Cultural acceptance  
For me, much of this is not relevant because I have come so far in my illness Timing of a treatment burden survey  
I do not feel it is relevant for my part. What I have is a long-term illness, and 4 weeks in this context, it is really nothing because it is there all the time The last four weeks Problematic recall time
The answer option “Does not apply to me”… I think it seems too easy to choose this answer
Here, I missed the answer option “neither easy nor difficult” like for the other questions
Response alternatives