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Table 1 Examples of Combined Ideas and Final PIO Names

From: The power of the group: comparison of interviews and group concept mapping for identifying patient-important outcomes of care

GCM-A GCM-B GCM-C GCM Master PIOs (A + B + C) Interviews Final Merged PIOs (GCM + Interview)
Get off insulin; Move from insulin to pill; Stop using needles; Get faster treatment that doesn’t involve a shot; Stay off insulin Get off insulin Eliminate injections Get off insulin or injections; Avoid insulin or injections Eliminate injections
Learn from other people with diabetes; Get a peer group of diabetics together to learn from and support each other    Get peer support Continue or start diabetes group; Be an inspiration to others Participate in peer support
Eat right Keep nutrition at recommended guidelines; Get medicine that has bad interactions with unhealthy foods to help you stop eating them Eat right; Improve self-control to eat appropriate portions Eat right Control diet or eat healthy Eat right
Improve mental health; Improve mood; Manage anxiety and depression caused by diabetes; Understand how to manage anxiety   Have a good spirit; Stay calm; Reduce fear of complications; Reduce fear about having diabetes Improve mental health Prevent depression; Be happy; Control mindset or self-control Improve mental health