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Table 5 Resources Utilized per Patient Engagement Method

From: The power of the group: comparison of interviews and group concept mapping for identifying patient-important outcomes of care

  Interviewsb (one setting) GCM Brainstorming (one iteration) GCMc (one iteration)
Patient time (hours/person) Travel 0 1 2
Participation 1 2 6
Total hours 1 3 8
Research team timea (hours/team) Training 20 3 11
Patient recruitment 66 59 59
Travel 60 6 12
Conducting method 38 8 18
Analysis 133 2 4
Total hours 295 78 104
Variable Costs Patient incentives $750 $1200 $3000
  Transcription $1000 n/a n/a
Fixed Costs Data Analysis Software $1380 n/a $2000
  Total cost 3130 1200 5000
Qualities about data collected Type of data collected List of PIOs with detailed patient perspective/context List of PIOs without context List of PIOs without context though sorted into overarching themes
Minimum personnel needed Investigator & Patient Advocate Investigator & Patient Advocate Investigator, RA, Patient Advocate
Resources for Analysis Qualitative Analysis Software Patient Advisory Board Concept Mapping Software
Level of burden Low on patient, high on researchers Low on patient and researchers High on patient, medium on researchers
  1. aResearch team of 3 people, b30 interviews in one setting, c24 participants in one iteration