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Table 1 R packages used for the creation of splines

From: A review of spline function procedures in R

Package Downloaded RD Description Authors
gss 632212 9 General smoothing splines Chong Gu
rms 598185 63 Regression modeling strategies Frank Harrell Jr
polspline 406661 11 Polynomial spline routines Charles Kooperberg
pspline 146939 11 Penalized smoothing splines Brian Ripley
logspline 130048 10 Logspline density estimation routines Charles Kooperberg
cobs 58533 6 Constrained B-splines PT Ng and M Maechler
crs 58347 2 Categorical regression splines JS Racine, Z Nie, BD Ripley
splines2 31031 4 Regression spline functions and classes Wenjie Wang and Jun Yan
bigsplines 25940 1 Smoothing splines for large samples Nathaniel E. Helwig
bezier 18483 1 Bezier curve and spline toolkit Aaron Olsen
pbs 17794 1 Periodic B splines Shuangcai Wang
freeknotsplines 13761 0 Free-knot splines S Spiriti, P Smith, P Lecuyer
orthogonalsplinebasis 13436 1 Orthogonal B-spline functions Andrew Redd
ConSpline 10565 0 Partial linear least-squares regression using constrained splines Mary Meyer
episplineDensity 9375 0 Density estimation exponential S Buttrey, J Royset, R Wets
  1. The number of times of time each package was downloaded is measured from 01/10/2012 to 15/11/2018. Number of downloads does not correspond to unique users. Reverse dependencies (RD) stands for the number of other packages that call each one