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Table 1 Comparison of prediction performances in the two considered settings, with best results in bold

From: Comparison of methods for early-readmission prediction in a high-dimensional heterogeneous covariates and time-to-event outcome framework

Setting Metric Model Score
Survival analysis C-index CURE 0.718
   Cox PH 0.725
   C-mix 0.754
Binary outcome AUC SVM 0.524
   GB 0.561
   LR 0.616
   NN 0.707
   RF 0.738
   \(\hat {S}^{\text {CURE}}\) (ε=30) 0.831
   \(\hat {S}^{\text {Cox}}\) (ε=30) 0.855
   \(\hat {S}^{\text {C-mix}}\) (ε=30) 0.940