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Table 3 Themes and subthemes and implication for manual adaptation

From: The key therapeutic factors needed to deliver behavioural change interventions to decrease risky substance use (drug and alcohol) for looked after children and care leavers: a qualitative exploration with young people, carers and front line workers

Theme Subtheme Implications
Therapeutic relationships Time and reciprocal self-disclosure
Genuine care
Non- judgemental approach
Practitioners to make contact with LAC and to have a pre-treatment sessions to engage the YP to build up a rapport and encourage a relationship prior to commencing work.
Therapists to have the option to make safe self-disclosures within the sessions.
Engagement and Challenges The need to use creative methods to enhance engagement.
YP inability to recognise support
Treatment goals wider than substance use.
Resources were developed to complement each session within the MET and SBNT manuals. The resources provided a worksheet and suggested activities to work in a creative way with LAC.
The original criteria for a ‘network member’ was made more flexible to enable less traditional members to engage with sessions and act as a support.
Treatment goals could be wider than substance misuse alone.