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Table 2 Challenges faced during the study and solutions

From: Strategies for recruitment and retention of underrepresented populations with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for a clinical trial

Challenges Solution
Lack of spirometric data by which to identify eligible patients Worked in conjunction with the spirometry community program
Trained research assistants to perform post-bronchodilator spirometry
Looked for other markers of COPD to help with identification of potentially eligible patients (ex. medications, exacerbation history)
Multiple modes of recruitment including in-person during a scheduled visit, phone calls, letters, flyers in clinic
Limited patient access due to poor health and transportation barriers Flexibility in scheduling, accepting no shows and rescheduling, meeting patients closer to home, meeting with patients during their medical visits, home visits
Space constraints at clinic Scheduling around times where space is available, using more than one visit if space not available for sufficient time, meeting patients outside of the clinic setting
Diverted attention Prioritization of recruitment
Loss to follow up (by phone) Other forms of communications used (letters, emergency contacts)
Poor patient health Home visits