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Table 1 Symptoms and signs of a pulmonary exacerbation of CFa

From: Prospective multicenter randomized patient recruitment and sample collection to enable future measurements of sputum biomarkers of inflammation in an observational study of cystic fibrosis

Symptoms Signs
increased sputum, cough, dyspnea 10% drop in FEV1 or forced vital capacity
chest pain or tightness Temperature > 38.4 °C
hemoptysis Witnessed hemoptysis greater than 100 ml per episode
fever SaO2 < 90% or PaO2 < 60 mmHg despite usual oxygen
chills For adolescents a drop in SaO2 of 5% (for example, 97 to 92%)
arthralgias Increased supplemental oxygen requirements
fatigue Unplanned weight loss ≥5% of baseline body weight over 3 months
Other Considerations
Respiratory arrest or failure requiring mechanical ventilation regardless of other criteria
At site PI discretion for borderline cases or for cases with serious findings not included here
  1. aA pulmonary exacerbation is defined as the presence of one symptom and one objective finding