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Table 3 Data Collections for Exploratory Endpoints

From: Prospective multicenter randomized patient recruitment and sample collection to enable future measurements of sputum biomarkers of inflammation in an observational study of cystic fibrosis

Endpoints potentially related to inflammation Pertinent Clinical Data Collected
Depression, Anxiety, Pain PHQ-8 Depression Scale
GAD-7 Anxiety scale
Borg Dyspnea Index
Brief Pain Index
Environmental Factors:
Altitude, Air Pollution, Climate
Sputum Collection Date
Home Address (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude)
Microbiological Sputum Culture Results
Infection Status Sputum Culture results
Sleep and Circadian Rhythm:
Sleep Phase and Duration
Munich Chronotype Questionnaire
Menstrual Cycle Last Menstrual Period Date
Food Insecurity History of missed or potentially missed meals
GAD-7 anxiety scale
Food Availability focused questions