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Table 1 Example of a code definition form the code book

From: Attempting rigour and replicability in thematic analysis of qualitative research data; a case study of codebook development

Code Label Definition Description Qualifications or exclusions Examples
Fear of rejection Demonstrating anxiety about being cut-off demeaned or isolated. Fear of experiencing hurt, pain or embarrassment due to others’ actions or words Perceptions of each other based on beliefs or self-held doubts, unfounded opinions, rushing to an opinion without reason. Can be fear of patient or practitioner being ridiculed - with or without basis It’s like some shame based thing. The fear… they fear rejection from the practitioner…. I’ve had plenty of clients who have not told their GP you know, as if they’re having this side relationship with another modality.
Feelings of inferiority Expressing a sense of division within a group of people. Mention of power imbalance, being treated/acting differently, not feeling the ‘same’, differing world views Expressed as feelings between clinicians rather than between patients. But I don’t tend to do that with GPs, isn’t that interesting? I hadn’t actually thought about that. But I kind of feel like I know the physios better. We seem to be more… more on a level perhaps?