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Table 2 Example of table used for absence/presence reliability

From: Attempting rigour and replicability in thematic analysis of qualitative research data; a case study of codebook development

Subtheme/Code Description
The role of research. Mention of how research might inform decisions. Does research impact on relationships with each other? Purpose of research in practice.
Demonstrating competency Discussion of what would display competence, what would enable development of trust between practitioners.
Science vs philosophy when defining acupuncture Discussion of differing styles of acupuncture training and/or practice. Mention of either specifics of the western or eastern framework.
Subtheme/code Coder 1 KR Coder 2 TD Coder 3 JN
  Absent Present Absent Present Absent Present
The role of research   Yes   Yes
See Table 3
See Table 3
Demonstrating competency   Yes   Yes – first
Line 67
p.3 lines 121–127;
p. 6–7 lines 300–329
Science vs philosophy when defining acupuncture   Yes   Yes - Line 50, 78, 288   Yes
p. 6 lines 287–294
  1. Reliability = 6/6 + 0 = 1 High agreement
  2. Testing Absence/presence of multiple sub-themes/codes within a single interview Notes for coders- This is a reliability test for coding. Within these single interviews, please record whether the following codes/nodes are absent or present in the interview