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Table 6 Description of domains in Cochrane reviews that had multiple separate domains for assessing attrition bias for different outcomes

From: Assessments of attrition bias in Cochrane systematic reviews are highly inconsistent and thus hindering trial comparability

Study number Names of separate domains for attrition bias in the Risk of Bias table
158, 197 Short-term, long-term
240 End-of-intervention, end of follow-up
250, 459, 533 Subjective outcome measures, objective outcome measures
285 Clinical heart failure, subclinical heart failure (dichotomous and/or continuous), overall survival, tumor response, quality of life, adverse effects, adverse effects other than cardiac damage
302 Drop-out rate described and acceptable, participants analyzed in the group to which they were allocated
312 Mortality (all cause), hospital readmissions (all cause), hospital readmissions (due to adverse drug events), hospital emergency department contacts (all-cause), hospital emergency department contacts (due to adverse drug events), adverse drug events
316 Adverse events: hypothyroidism, development or worsening of Graves’ ophthalmopathy, health-related quality of life, participants in euthyroid state, recurrence of hyperthyroidism, socioeconomic effects
324 12 weeks or less, after 12 weeks
340 Primary outcomes, secondary outcomes
346 All outcomes: drop-outs, all outcomes: ITT analysis
394 Time to resolution of diabetic ketoacidosis, all-cause mortality, hypoglycemic episodes, morbidity, socioeconomic effects
427 Drop-outs reported, ITT analysis reported
499 Objective outcome (deaths), subjective outcome (quality of life)
638, 795 Drop-outs, ITT analysis
641 Pain, function
722 Short term follow-up (up to 3 months), longer term follow-up
761 Consumption outcome, selection outcome
805 Hemodynamic data, clinical outcomes
867 Survival, tumor response, toxicity, quality of life
943 Short-term outcomes, childhood outcomes
946 All outcomes, ITT analysis
949 Wound healed, wound area, time to healing
951 Pain, swelling, function, adverse effects