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Table 1 GRADE-CERQual

From: Systematic mapping of existing tools to appraise methodological strengths and limitations of qualitative research: first stage in the development of the CAMELOT tool

Component Definitions
Methodological limitations The extent to which there are concerns about the design or conduct of the primary studies that contributed evidence to an individual review finding
Coherence An assessment of how clear and cogent the fit is between the data from the primary studies and a review finding that synthesizes that data. By “cogent” we mean well supported or compelling
Adequacy An overall determination of the degree of richness and quantity of data supporting a review finding
Relevance The extent to which the body of evidence from the primary studies supporting a review finding is applicable to the context (perspective or population, phenomenon of interest, setting) specified in the review question
  1. Reprinted from Lewin and colleagues (2018) [5]