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Fig. 1

From: Veterans Affairs patient database (VAPD 2014–2017): building nationwide granular data for clinical discovery

Fig. 1

Data flow from local CPRS/VistA systems to the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW). Legend: On the left, we depict the flow of data from a single local CPRS/VistA system (Ann Arbor), to a regional data warehouse, and ultimately, to the CDW. On the right, we depict the flow of data from local CPRS/VistA system, to four regional data warehouses, and ultimately to the CDW. (This Figure is intended to display the flow of data from around the country to the CDW, but does not depict the exact number and location of local CPRS/VistA systems). All figures are permitted for use without acknowledgement from The Noun Project ( of which we are members

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