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Table 3 Association of professional characteristics with good attitude in data extraction and MA procedures

From: Methodological steps used by authors of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of clinical trials: a cross-sectional study

ItemsYears of experience (> 5 years)Number of publications (> 14)Highest impact factor journals of published papers (> 10)
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Number of databases used (> 6 databases)10.6–––1.40.5
Search Grey Literature Databases2.11.4–3.2< 0.0012.61.5–4.2< 0.0011.30.8–2.00.4
Performing manual search0.80.5–––1.30.3
Update the search to get more papers0.80.4–––2.40.7
Number of reviewers to extract the data (≥2)1.30.8–––2.80.09
Using digital software to extract data from figures1.60.9––4.10.0022.31.3–4.00.003
Pooled twice in one MA0.30.2–0.70.0040.70.4––1.30.2
Using raw data in MA1.50.99–––2.00.4
Meta-analyze both adjusted and unadjusted data0.80.5–––1.70.8
Combined Pearson and Spearman one meta-analysis0.990.4–2.40.981.20.4––2.10.5
  1. OR Odds ratio. CI confidence interval. MA Meta-analysis