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Table 1 Results for the standard joint model for CDR-SB

From: Using joint models to disentangle intervention effect types and baseline confounding: an application within an intervention study in prodromal Alzheimer’s disease with Fortasyn Connect

 a) Without baseline MMSEb) With baseline MMSE
 Coefficient (SE)p ValueCoefficient (SE)p Value
Longitudinal sub-model:    
Time β10.609 (0.047)0.0000.605 (0.047)0.000
Fortasyn β20.071 (0.077)0.3610.077 (0.077)0.321
Time × Fortasyn β3-0.233 (0.069)0.001-0.234 (0.069)0.001
Bmmse β4-0.122 (0.015)0.000-0.110 (0.016)0.000
 Log Hazard (SE)p ValueLog Hazard (SE)p Value
Survival sub-model:    
Fortasyn γ10.394 (0.204)0.0530.125 (0.210)0.553
Ass. α0.701 (0.077)0.0000.664 (0.083)0.000
Bmmse γ2---0.228 (0.050)0.000