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Table 2 Questions asked by the participants grouped in three categories. Questions raised by the participating women

From: A community-based intervention to increase participation in cervical cancer screening among immigrants in Norway

Cervical Cancer Screening Test
 1. How to make the appointment for Pap test?
 2. Why the duration of repeating Pap test is 3 years? What if something happens in between?
 3. Why don’t GPs give us any information about the importance of cervical screening test?
 4. Can we ask for a female doctor if we go for the screening test?
 5. Can we take the test at our GPs office or we must travel to other places to get it done?
 6. Can Pap test give the information about cancer of other parts of body like lung or breast?
 7. Do we get any letters? (I haven’t received any letter from last 15 years).
Cervical Cancer
 1. How can we diagnose cervical cancer?
 2. What are the symptoms of cervical cancer in early stage and in later stage?
 3. What is the likely age of getting cervical cancer?
 4. Can cervical cancer be diagnosed during pregnancy?
 5. What are the ways to prevent cervical cancer? If we have some cell changes, why the doctor tells us to wait for one year? Isn’t that dangerous?
 6. What if we get the cancer in between? Why we must wait so long? Why don’t we get the treatment right away?
 7. Can cell changes get back to normal?
 8. Is urinary infection related to cervical cancer?
 9. What is the incidence of cervical cancer among Pakistani women in Norway?
 10. Can cervical cancer metastasize to other parts of the body like intestines, liver, etc.?
 11. How can we get the tests for other organs of the body?
 1. What is HPV? What are the symptoms of HPV infection?
 2. If we get pregnant, then do we have the same symptoms of HPV or there will be any difference?
 3. What is HPV vaccination? Is it necessary? What is the age limit for this vaccination?
 4. Is there any research showing side effects of HPV vaccination? What are the symptoms of HPV?
 5. Are unmarried women also at the risk of getting HPV infection and cancer?
 6. What is HPV vaccination? Is it safe? Is it necessary?
 7. Can you give us some information about the benefits and risks of HPV vaccination?
 8. Should we give it our school going daughters? Is HPV vaccination recommended for unmarried women or those who have no sexual contacts?
 9. Tell us about HPV in men? Causes and risks?
 10. Can we get infected from men (if our husbands have)? Do men also need HPV vaccination?