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Table 1 Justifications provided for the final assessment rating by experts and potential users

From: Figure Interpretation Assessment Tool-Health (FIAT-health) 2.0: from a scoring instrument to a critical appraisal tool

Justifications provided by both experts and potential users
• The correctness of the methods
• Assumptions on which the model is based
• Match between the primary publication and the reported figure
• Transparency on the definition of the subject
• The conclusion that was made based on the results
• Previous knowledge of the subject
• Application of the figure in practice
• An extrapolation was made
• The geographical area the figure applies to
• It concerned an estimation
• No better figures are known about the subject
• Source of the figure
• Time period to which the figure relates
• Match between the population of the reported figure and the primary publication
• Generalization of the figure
• Interpretation of the journalist
• Difference in jargon between the primary publication and the reported figure
Justifications provided by potential users
• Credibility of the author
• Verifiability of the figure
• New information in the [publicly reported message]
Justifications provided by experts
• Method of modelling (the figure has no meaning as the expert considered the construct to be invalid)