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Table 1 Surveillance Case Definition Criteria

From: How to measure the need for transition to adult services among young people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): a comparison of surveillance versus case note review methods

1. A young person with a clinical diagnosis of ADHD under the care of CAMHS, who is reviewed for the first time when, within 6 months of reaching the services’ age boundary, whatever this may be. Young people should only be reported once and those that have already been seen and reported in this time-scale should not be reported a second time.

2. The young person is considered to require continued drug treatment for their symptoms of ADHD after crossing the service age boundary.

3. The young person should not have been reported previously to the BPSU/CAPSS in relation to the current study.

4. A young person with ADHD and comorbid diagnoses, including learning / developmental disabilities, should be reported only if it is their ADHD for which on-going drug treatment in adult services is required.