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Table 2 Complete list of CRIS data outputs extracted for data collection

From: How to measure the need for transition to adult services among young people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): a comparison of surveillance versus case note review methods

CRIS ID Reason for appointment Other medication 3
Gender CAMHS or AMHS Other medication 4
Ethnicity Seen by Clinician CGAS score 1–100
DOB (specified) Comorbidity 1 SDQ Assessment Date
Truncated Postcode Comorbidity 2 SDQ total score
Social Deprivation Comorbidity 3 Hyperactivity score
Date of Diagnosis of ADHD Comorbidity other Impact score
CAMHS Directorate ADHD Medication 1 Contact frequency
Last date seen ADHD Medication 2 DNA rate