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Table 3 CAPSS-CRIS comparison

From: How to measure the need for transition to adult services among young people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): a comparison of surveillance versus case note review methods

Notifications/Identified cases (n) 45 91
Did not meet eligibility criteria (n) 27 15
Met all eligibility criteria (n) 18 76
Eligible cases only
 Gender ratio (m%:f%) 83:17 84:16
 Ethnicity (% White British) 72 46
 Reported/Reviewed by Consultant (n) 18 41
 Reported/Reviewed by other health professional (n) 0 35
 Transition referral made, accepted and first appointment offered in adult service (n) 10 37
 First appointment confirmed as attended (n) 4 28