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Table 13 TRANSFER in progress – priorities for further research

From: The TRANSFER Approach for assessing the transferability of systematic review findings

The TRANSFER Approach is still under development and some issues are still being discussed and piloted.
Further research is needed to examine the following issues:
- How do we systematically assess transferability for reviews that do not include a meta-analysis (e.g., where there is only a structured synthesis of the results in a narrative form?) [62]
- What are the best methods for presenting assessments of transferability to different users?
- Are factors identified by stakeholders in one setting likely to be important in another setting? How do we apply the findings from a review commissioned from decision makers in one context (such as hospitals in the Norwegian health system) to another decision making context (such as hospitals in one Spanish region)?
- How can TRANSFER be used in the context of GRADE-CERQual (qualitative evidence syntheses), mixed methods reviews, and/or realist reviews?
- How do review authors make an assessment of transferability where there are interactions between TRANSFER factors?
- For a given systematic review using the TRANSFER Approach, what proportion of publications included in that systematic review include details related to the identified TRANSFER factors?