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Table 14 Sample PICO clarification template

From: The TRANSFER Approach for assessing the transferability of systematic review findings

  Suggested inclusion criteria Questions for decision makers Final inclusion criteria
Population Everyone Should we limit the population to only adults with families? Should we included participants with mental illness or substance abuse disorder? Adults over 18 with/out families with/out mental illness/substance abuse disorders
Intervention/ Exposure Housing programmes Are there specific models that we are especially interested? Should we include housing programmes that include employment components? Are we interest in financial support only or programmes with case management? Housing programmes with/out case management
Comparison intervention Other / no intervention   Other / no intervention
Outcome Days homeless, days in stable housing Also include measurements related to quality of life? Health? Employment? Primary: length of time homeless/in stable housing
Secondary: QoL, health
Study design RCTs Should non-randomised studies be included? RCTs
Other English only, since 2000 What about other languages? Cut-off date for study inclusion? All languages, all years