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Table 2 What is new and what are the implications of the TRANSFER Approach?

From: The TRANSFER Approach for assessing the transferability of systematic review findings

What is new?
This paper outlines new guidance for review authors on how to consider and assess the transferability of review findings to the context(s) specified in the review. The TRANSFER Approach supports review authors in making systematic and transparent assessments of transferability that can be used to provide a systematic and transparent assessment of the GRADE domain indirectness or the GRADE-CERQual component relevance. Close collaboration with decision makers is a key component of the TRANSFER Approach.
What is the implication of the TRANSFER Approach?
In many reviews, the review team only considers transferability (or related concepts such as applicability, indirectness, relevance) of the review findings at the end of the review process and in an ad hoc manner. By considering factors which may influence transferability early in the review process and in collaboration with decision makers, the review team is better able to systematically and transparently make an assessment of how these factors may influence the transferability of the review findings to the context specified in the review, or another context. Such systematic assessments of transferability will also provide transparency to assessments of the GRADE domain indirectness or GRADE-CERQual component relevance.