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Table 9 Scenario – Comparing the contexts of the included studies to the context specified in the review

From: The TRANSFER Approach for assessing the transferability of systematic review findings

Scenario: For each of the identified transferability factors you have selected, you record the characteristics of the included studies. You decide to use a dichotomous system in order to sort the studies more easily into subgroups related to the transferability factors: length of homelessness at baseline: <6 months, > 6 months; quality of usual housing services: high, low; climate: cold seasons, temperate (see Figure A below).
Figure A. TRANSFER overview of included studies
Studies/FactorsLength of homelessnessQuality of usual HOUSING servicesClimate
Study 1> 6 monthsHigh qualityCold
Study 2< 6 monthsHigh qualityCold
Study 3< 6 monthsHigh qualityCold
Study 4> 6 monthsHigh qualityCold
Study 5< 6 monthsLow qualityCold
Study 6< 6 monthsLow qualityCold
Study 7> 6 monthsLow qualityCold
Study 8< 6 monthsLow qualityCold
Study 9> 6 monthsLow qualityCold
Study 10< 6 monthsLow qualityCold