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Table 4 The most cited diagnoses (> 2%) in emergency ward out of 254 false negatives on the index test (an ICD-10-based algorithm, previously used [5])

From: Sensitivity and specificity of an algorithm based on medico-administrative data to identify hospitalized patients with major bleeding presenting to an emergency department

Codes Label Percent Count
K62.5 Hemorrhage of the anus and rectum 10.2 26
D64.9 Anemia, unspecified 7.87 20
R57.1 Hypovolemic shock 6.29 16
S39.0 Injury of muscles, fascia and tendon of abdomen, lower back and pelvis 5.90 15
K92.0 Hematemesis 5.51 14
I61.9 Nontraumatic intracerebral hemorrhage, unspecified 4.72 12
S00.0 Superficial injury of the scalp 3.15 8
S06.3 Focal traumatic brain injury 3.15 8
K66.1 Hemoperitoneum 2.36 6
K92.1 Melena 2.36 6
R31 Hematuria 2.36 6
T81.0 Complications of procedures, not elsewhere classified 2.36 6
  1. Codes used by the ICD-10-based algorithm (but on discharge diagnoses) are in italics