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Table 1 Healthy Ageing Indicators Origin

From: Development of a healthy ageing index in Latin American countries - a 10/66 dementia research group population-based study

Items/Indicators Origin Questionnaire
Household responsibilities difficulty Participant WHO-DAS II
Walking a km difficulty Participant WHO-DAS II
Washing whole body difficulty Participant WHO-DAS II
Getting dressed difficulty Participant WHO-DAS II
Carrying out work & everyday activities difficulty Participant WHO-DAS II
Making decisions difficulty Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Using the toilet difficulty Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Handling money difficulty Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Hearing problem Participant & informant Health (including pain and impairments)
Eye problem Participant & informant Health (including pain and impairments)
Finding right word difficulty Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Change in daily activities Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Forgets where he/she is Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Difficulty completing chores Informant CSI’D’-RELSCORE
Sleep trouble or recent change in pattern Participant Mental Health (GMS-version B3)
Feeling of not coping properly with everyday routine Participant Mental Health (GMS-version B3)
Gets worn out or exhausted during daytime or evening Participant Mental Health (GMS-version B3)
Time in seconds taken to walk 10 m Clinical examination neurological assessment (NEUROEX)
Learn test Participant 10 word list learning
Delayed recall Participant CSI’D’
Long memory test Participant CSI’D’
Immediate recall Participant CSI’D’
Verbal fluency Participant CSI’D’
Time orientation Participant CSI’D’
Praxis-fold a piece of paper Participant CSI’D’
Story recall difficulty Participant CSI’D’
  1. WHO-DAS II World Health Organization. Disabilty Assessment Schedule 2.0; CSI’D’-RELSCORE Community Screening Interview for Dementia-Informant Scale, GMS Geriatric Mental State Interview, NEUROEX Neurological Examination, CSI’D’ Community Screening Interview for Dementia