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Table 4: Mean differences stratified by interview order

From: Interpreter proxy versus healthcare interpreter for administration of patient surveys following arthroplasty: a pilot study

 Interview OrderMD95% Limits of AgreementWilcoxon p-value
MobilityProxy first0.02-0.87 to 0.910.82
 HC Interpreter first-0.07-0.99 to 0.850.35
Personal careProxy first-0.02-1.25 to 1.210.61
 HC Interpreter first0.07-0.94 to 1.090.41
Usual ActivitiesProxy first0.11-1.17 to 1.400.31
 HC Interpreter first0.10-0.76 to 0.950.20
Pain/DiscomfortProxy first-0.14-1.22 to 0.950.12
 HC Interpreter first0.10-0.86 to 1.060.24
Anxiety/DepressionProxy first0.09-1.16 to 1.350.43
 HC Interpreter first0.02-0.90 to 0.950.82
EQ-VASProxy first3.73-25.20 to 32.600.11
 HC Interpreter first-2.51-15.70 to 10.600.04
Oxford scoresProxy first0.64-7.57 to 8.840.20
 HC Interpreter first-0.42-4.48 to 3.650.15
  1. Proxy: Interpreter proxy (family or carer)
  2. HC Int: Certified healthcare interpreter
  3. Kappa: Quadratic Weighted Cohen’s Kappa
  4. ICC Intraclass correlation
  5. CCC Concordance correlation coefficient
  6. MD: Mean difference between the two measurements (Proxy score minus HC Int score) 95% Limits of Agreement: MD ± 1.96 SD of the MD
  7. Score Range for EQ5D: 1-5 for each domain, EQ- VAS: 0-100, Oxford Score: 0-48, Satisfaction: 1-5, Success: 1-5