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Table 6 Survey sampling cost effectiveness

From: Effectiveness of incentives and follow-up on increasing survey response rates and participation in field studies

Sampling protocolSurveys sent to receive 1 response (n)aSurveys sent to recruit 1 participant (n)a,dCosts ($)
Follow-up waves (n)Survey lengthSurvey incentiveInitial waveFollow-up wave 1Follow-up wave 2Follow-up wave 3Total per mailed individualPer response receivedaTotal to receive 1 responsebRecruit 1 participantb,d
0LongGift card32.26354.51.091.0940.83c46.81c503.38
  1. Data ordered from most to least cost effective method to receive a single completed survey
  2. aAssumes 100% delivery rate
  3. bAssumes 87.6% delivery rate and, if applicable, $0.248 recouped from non-deliverable initial survey waves
  4. cIncludes a mean gift card cost of $5.67
  5. dAssumes 9.1% participation rate from completed surveys across all survey mailing rounds, independent of mailing protocol. Does not include cost for actual participation in the field study ($150 or $200)