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Table 5 Type of studies eligible for inclusion in the systematic review recommended by each study

From: Recommendations to conduct and report systematic reviews in medical literature: a scoping review

Type of studiesN (%)
Any52 (62.7%)
RCT6 (7.2%)
Diagnostic test studies6 (7.2%)
Clinical trials3 (3.6%)
Economic evaluations2 (2.4%)
Diagnostic and prognostic studies2 (2.4%)
Adverse events1 (1.2%)
Anatomical studies1 (1.2%)
Etiology studies1 (1.2%)
Evidence on equity1 (1.2%)
Medical tests, genetic tests, and prognostic tests1 (1.2%)
Network meta-analysis1 (1.2%)
Observational studies1 (1.2%)
Observational studies reporting prevalence and cumulative incidence data1 (1.2%)
Protocols1 (1.2%)
RCT, observational studies, diagnostic testsa1 (1.2%)
Studies of older people1 (1.2%)
Validation studies1 (1.2%)
Total83 (100%)
  1. aThe recommendation developed methods to conduct a systematic review with each type of study