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Table 1 Search literature and Search strategy

From: Recommendations to conduct and report systematic reviews in medical literature: a scoping review

Search Equation Results
#1 “Review Literature as Topic”[Majr] 4189
#2 “methods”[MeSH Terms] OR “methods”[All Fields] OR “method”[All Fields] 7,857,103
#3 #1 AND #2 2639
#4 #3 AND English [lang] 2489
#1 “Review Literature as Topic”[Majr] 180
#2 “methods”[MeSH Terms] OR “methods”[All Fields] OR “method”[All Fields] 638,931
#3 #1 AND #2 131
#4 #3 AND English [lang] 131
#1 ‘systematic review (topic)’/mj 800
#2 ‘systematic review (topic)’/mj AND [english]/lim 774
  1. Date: Since databases’ inception until July 17, 2018
  2. Definitions on search terms according to databases websites:
  3. “Review Literature as Topic” - Works about published materials which provide an examination of recent or current literature. These articles can cover a wide range of subject matter at various levels of completeness and comprehensiveness based on analyses of literature that may include research findings. The review may reflect the state of the art and may also include reviews as a literary form
  4. “Methods” - A series of steps taken in order to conduct research
  5. ‘systematic review (topic)’ - used for items that discuss systematic reviews
  6. Databases of websites:
  7. PubMed:
  8. Cochrane Library:
  9. EMBASE: