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Table 5 Results of the association parameter α estimated from the TVCM and joint model fitted to data generated considering slight and gross misspecifications of the longitudinal trajectories (scenarios 7 and 8 of Table 1), σε(0.1,0.3,0.5) with CV (3.1%,9.4%,15.6%) and the true α=0.3

From: Joint model robustness compared with the time-varying covariate Cox model to evaluate the association between a longitudinal marker and a time-to-event endpoint

  Slight misspecificationGross misspecification
 joint model0.2970.2090.060-1.0920.2800.2220.059-6.791
 joint model0.2840.2910.067-5.3910.273*0.2900.059-9.091
 joint model0.2650.1920.071-12910.265*0.1670.065-1291
  1. Mean of the maximum likelihood estimates (Est), empirical Monte Carlo standard error (ESE), asymptotic standard error (ASE), percentage bias (%Bias) and 95% coverage probabilities (CP) are shown. The star (*) indicates that one extreme outlier estimate was removed