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Table 3 Association between iron intake and late age-related macular degeneration among 39,918 participants of the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

From: A comparison of methods to estimate the survivor average causal effect in the presence of missing data: a simulation study

MethodaOR(95% CI)b
Complete casec0.572(0.396, 0.818)
 SACE OR(95% CI)b
Marginal structural model0.536(0.368, 0.789)
Sensitivity analysis
 Sensitivity parameter = 10.583(0.374, 0.780)
 Sensitivity parameter = 20.581(0.374, 0.777)
  1. a Each model adjusted for age, sex, country of birth, smoking status, physical activity and educational attainment
  2. b Bias corrected confidence intervals estimated via 1500 bootstrap samples
  3. c Naïve log-odds of AMD associated with iron intake estimated via complete case multivariable logistic regression analysis among all survivors
  4. OR Odds ratio, SACE Survivor average causal effect, 95% CI 95% Confidence Interval.