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Table 2 Differences in distribution of responses over the response categories for the Dutch sample (n = 253) and the UK sample (n = 91)

From: Cross-cultural validation of the Functional Vision Questionnaire for Children and Young People (FVQ_CYP) with visual impairment in the Dutch population: challenges and opportunities

ItemItem contentDistribution of responding population Dutch sample (%) over the response optionsaMissing responses Dutch sample (%)Distribution of responding population UK sample (%) over the response optionsaMissing responses UK sample (%)P-value
FV_1Watching TV43.650.< 0.001
FV_2Playing video and computer games50.442.< 0.001
FV_3Playing other games, e.g. board games or card games35.453.610.50.46.321.334.838.25.62.2< 0.001
FV_4Using the computer for homework35.856.27.30.745.826.152.317.
FV_5Reading food packets, labels or recipes10.231.336.622.
FV_6Doing household chores, e.g. washing up33.657.37.71.413.020.052.518.88.812.1< 0.001
FV_7Telling the time on a wrist watch34.137.423.84.715.413.834.532.219.54.4< 0.001
FV_8Telling the time on a wall clock26.845.217.610.55.511.228.130.330.32.2< 0.001
FV_9Using the computer for lessons42.< 0.001
FV_10Reading small print text books, worksheets and exam papers11.628.935.524.04.33.413.638.644.33.3< 0.001
FV_11Reading enlarged text books, worksheets and exam papers47.943.
FV_12Drawing or painting32.556.< 0.001
FV_13Reading hand writing10.444.630.714.30.813.612.553.420.53.3< 0.001
FV_14Seeing the board in the class25.< 0.001
FV_15Recognizing people, e.g. in school corridors32.448.615.< 0.001
FV_16Recognizing other people’s facial expressions23.445.620.610.30.421.828.728.720.74.40.008
FV_17Finding friends in the playground21.643.630.< 0.001
FV_18Taking part in science classes23.760.413.
FV_19Taking part in geography classes24.
FV_20Taking part in math classes27.249.621.
FV_21Taking part in PE39.350.< 0.001
FV_22Taking part in English/Dutch classes30.555.
FV_23Keeping up with the teacher in lessons21.853.
FV_24Keeping up with other students in class23.952.622.31.20.823.
FV_25Getting around the school by yourself43.350.
FV_26Getting around outdoors by yourself36.552.< 0.001
FV_27Reading signs and posters at stations or shops19.240.830.< 0.001
FV_28Getting around in crowds by yourself12.
FV_29Seeing small moving objects, e.g. balls14.640.330.414.60.010.311.540.237.94.4< 0.001
FV_30Seeing large moving objects, e.g. cars passing39.
FV_31Using the escalators39.649.
FV_32Playing team sports, e.g. football, without adaptations27.650.718.73.019.818.421.833.326.44.4< 0.001
FV_33Watching films in the cinema40.551.47.30.913.034.840.419.
FV_34Watching plays and shows in the theatre26.255.914.< 0.001
FV_35Reading price tags16.549.624.< 0.001
FV_36Finding correct money to pay22.655.720.< 0.001
  1. a1: very easy; 2: easy; 3: difficult; 4: very difficult/impossible