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Table 3 GRM item characteristics for the 24 item FVQ_CYP_NL (n = 253)

From: Cross-cultural validation of the Functional Vision Questionnaire for Children and Young People (FVQ_CYP) with visual impairment in the Dutch population: challenges and opportunities

ItemItem contentDiscrimination αThreshold β1Threshold β2Item informationX2P-value
FV_1Watching TV1.32−0.262.492.458.170.52
FV_2Playing video and computer games1.19− 0.022.562.1213.040.22
FV_3Playing other games, e.g. board games or card games1.41−0.571.892.5812.410.26
FV_8Telling the time on a wall clock1.74−0.840.853.0613.450.20
FV_9Using the computer for lessons1.29−0.362.602.4111.510.18
FV_10Reading small print text books, worksheets and exam papers1.11−2.26−0.431.7611.690.39
FV_11Reading enlarged text books, worksheets and exam papers2.27−0.0041.704.268.950.18
FV_13Reading hand writing1.22−
FV_14Seeing the board in the class1.42−1.050.882.4619.180.12
FV_15Recognizing people, e.g. in school corridors1.50−0.671.332.6611.860.46
FV_16Recognizing other people’s facial expressions1.67−1.030.742.9619.430.05
FV_17Finding friends in the playground1.36−1.240.672.3315.440.22
FV_24Keeping up with other students in class1.28−
FV_25Getting around the school by yourself1.72−
FV_26Getting around outdoors by yourself1.80−0.441.633.349.000.44
FV_27Reading signs and posters at stations or shops1.64−1.280.402.8413.220.21
FV_28Getting around in crowds by yourself1.25−2.05−0.232.0515.070.18
FV_29Seeing small moving objects, e.g. balls1.26−1.800.232.1514.900.19
FV_30Seeing large moving objects, e.g. cars passing1.82−0.341.363.2514.890.19
FV_31Using the escalators1.58−0.341.802.8913.380.15
FV_32Playing team sports, e.g. football, without adaptations1.58−0.861.162.8512.220.27
FV_33Watching films in the cinema1.90−0.371.773.598.500.29
FV_35Reading price tags1.61−1.450.642.9315.530.11
FV_36Finding correct money to pay1.48−