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Table 3 Ten largest changes (increases or decreases) in Tariff values after incorporation of additional gold standard data

From: Robustness of the Tariff method for diagnosing verbal autopsies: impact of additional site data on the relationship between symptom and cause

CauseModuleSymptomTariff score based solely on PHMRCTariff score based on CombinedDifference
Bite of Venomous AnimaladultDecedent suffered bite/sting229.7327.998.2
FiresadultDecedent suffered burn178.3241.363.0
FireschildDecedent suffered burn/fire125.5156.931.4
MaternaladultDid she have excessive bleeding during labor or delivery?73.587.013.4
SuicideadultDecedent suffered poisoning127.5140.412.9
Breast CanceradultDid [name] have any swelling or lump in the breast?
AIDSchildWas the HIV test ever positive?57.666.28.6
Breast CanceradultDid [name] have any ulcers (pits) in the breast?65.572.57.1
FallsadultDecedent suffered fall33.640.77.0
AIDSadultDid Decedent Have AIDS?16.723.56.9
AIDSadultDid Decedent Have TB?13.910.0−3.9
MaternaladultFor how many months was she pregnant? [days]279.4275.4−4.0
TBadultDid Decedent Have TB?16.711.4−5.3
DrowningadultDecedent suffered drowning839.6831.8−7.8
Other Non-communicable DiseasesadultFor how long before death did the convulsions last? [days]22.314.3−8.0
AIDSchildHas the deceased’s (biological) mother ever been told she had AIDS by a health worker?41.431.5−9.9
MaternaladultWas [name] pregnant at the time of death?36.625.7−10.9
StrokeadultParalyzed upper part of body25.412.1−13.3
MaternaladultDid she die within 6 weeks after having an abortion?40.526.0−14.5
PoisoningsadultDecedent suffered poisoning384.4254.6− 129.9
  1. Note: Symptoms include non-word symptoms where the change in Tariff value was at least 1.0 and the Tariff value using either the PHMRC dataset or the combined PHMRC/IMMCMC dataset is at least 1.0. Tariff values of zero represent Tariffs that are not statistically significant