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Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of Consenters and Non-consenters (N = 25,541)

From: Consent to data linkage in a large online epidemiological survey of 18–23 year old Australian women in 2012–13

VariablesN Consenters
N = 17,684
N = 7857
p value
 Facebook20,120%6733< 0.01
 Other Web activities1032%7030
 Traditional media562%7723
 Fashion promotion2842%8416
Incentive and data linkage information
 1. AUD50 with basic information13,664%6139< 0.01
 2. Leggings with basic and additional information11,877%7921
Age group
 18 to 20 years13,432%6832< 0.01
 21 to 23 years12,109%7030
Area of residence
 Major cities14,800%7624< 0.01
 Inner regional3341%7525
 Outer regional1358%7525
 Remote or very remote237%7030
 Missing area5805%4753
Highest level of education
 Less than Year 122123%68320.51
 Year 1211,014%6931
 Certificate or diploma6822%7030
Managing on available income is
 Impossible1208%6733< 0.01
 Difficult all the time5253%7129
 Difficult some of the time9000%7030
 Not too bad7331%6832
 No partner18,577%69310.02
Living with parents
 Yes13,282%6832< 0.01
Living with other adults
 Yes4577%7327< 0.01
  1. Missing was less than 2% for consenters and non-consenters for all variables except area of residence.