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Table 2 Health Characteristics of Consenters and Non-consenters (N = 25,541)

From: Consent to data linkage in a large online epidemiological survey of 18–23 year old Australian women in 2012–13

VariablesN Consenters N = 17,684Non-consenters N = 7857Chi-square p value
Self-rated health
 Very good8713%7030
Psychological distress
 Very high5950%6931
Any major chronic conditionsa
 Not a current smoker20,410%69310.98
 Current smoker5121%6931
Alcohol consumption
 Never drink alcohol2139%6535< 0.01
 1 to 7 drinks per week20,419%7030
 8 to 14 drinks per week2004%7030
 More than 14 drinks per week969%6832
Body mass index (kg/m2)
 Underweight (< 18.5)2051%69310.88
 Healthy weight (18.5–24.9)14,711%6931
 Overweight (25–29.9)4988%6931
 Obese (≥30)3573%7030
Physical activity
  1. Missing data were no more than 1% of all variables for consenters and non-consenters
  2. a defined as any of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, asthma, cancer other than skin cancer