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Table 4 Demographic characteristics (i.e. sex and age) of the total sample of individuals living in these three study regions in comparison to respondents’ characteristics

From: Self-reported data in environmental health studies: mail vs. web-based surveys

 All sample aRespondentsp-value
Sex b0.371 d
 Male11,496 (50)518 (49)
 Female11,456 (50)546 (50)
Age c
  (years)53.2 ± 18.459.3 ± 14.5< 0.0001 e
  1. a Data obtained by the municipalities at the year the study has started (i.e. 2014) for the entire adult population (> 18 years old) living in three of the study regions (Keldsnor, Lindet and Sundeved)
  2. b Number of individuals (percentage)
  3. c Mean ± standard deviation
  4. d Pearson’s Chi-squared test of proportions
  5. e Two sample t-test